Dedicated to perfecting both the art and science of cleaning, White Glove’s Cleaning Academy is unique in the home  cleaning industry. With “fastidiously thorough" training and research, you can be sure that every White Glove professional entering your home is knowledgeable in :(1) the proper care of your furnishings, (2) the proper and safe use of equipment and supplies, and (3) our in-depth procedures that assure attention to detail.


See how your cleanologists train.

The White Glove Cleaning Academy is our professional development training division, which prepares our cleanologists for various positions and Master of Cleanology certification. But we also monitor developments in the industry's technology, and keep up trends in the business and customer service.  

  • Technology

We use only supplies, equipment, and methods that we research and test to be effective. We continuously research the science of cleaning agents and materials, and their utilization for (a) safety and green properties, (b) assessing preservation, protection, appearance, and hygienic features, and (c) effective methodologies and best practices for obtaining optimum results. We use only what we have proven to be effective for us.

  • Business

As an ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services Int'l.) professional business, we monitor current trends in the cleaning industry and innovations and research affecting retail cleaning services.

Education and training of our staff and cleaning teams are comprehensive* so we can always be the best at what we do. See our academy'’s cleanologist training program.  We also provide helpful resources to our customers. See our resource center.

*Every White Glove cleaning team member must undergo comprehensive orientation and training as well as in-service continuing education leading to the status of Master Cleanologist! 

  •  Professional Development