Because life is for living.


Just ask the homeowners whose hardwood floors were destroyed with pure bleach. Or ask those whose granite counters and composite sinks were ruined over time with harmful methods and damaging cleaning agents.


Weekly  Every 2 Weeks  Monthly  

But that’s just the half of it! Caring for our customers is

as important as our work. Enjoy responsive and responsible attention. Yes, we show up! And we listen, too, because it’s all part of our goal to not just satisfy by meeting expectations, but to enthuse by exceeding expectations. If you’re new to house cleaning services, or if you’re unhappy with your current cleaners, trust the integrity of White Glove’s 12 years to keep your castle sparkling 


Who said

Did you know, too, that even common dust rags and dusters don’t remove dust well, and can cause tiny scratches that cause shiny wood to dull? lWhite Glove knows this, and lots more

about proper cleaning agents, equipment, and methods to not only clean your home, but to keep your furnishings looking their very best for years to come!

                                 we’ve been serious about cleaning by training our people in the science of cleaning: What works

best? What’s safe? What protects and enhances durability? And we train in the art of cleaning: What contributes to the overall visual appearance of a room? Yes, expect both the

proverbial “Clean as a whistle!” and “Neat as a pin!”

Since 2005

  • Liability Insured,

      Bonded, Licensed 

       Impeccible, customer-

       centered reputation 


  • 2- & 3-Person Teams

       All supplies and equipment



  • Dependable, Ethical,

       & Courteous 

        Thoroughly screened, background

        checked, dedicated, proud, and trained.


  • Upfront, Competitive Costs

        No vague estimates that allow later hidden,

        unauthorized, and surprise charges. No 


  • One-Hour Appointment Windows

        We've never missed an appointment in 13 years.

  • Premium Quality Cleaning Agents

        Responsible, sensible Green Cleaning Policy.

In fact, we’re so serious about what we do, we founded lWhite Glove Cleaning Academy to teach our “cleanologists” the professional knowledge and skills that you can trust to keep your home “fastidiously” cared for and hygienically clean. Expect certified team members who have become Master Cleanologists!

         the choice of savvy, discriminating homeowners!

                          house cleaning doesn't require skilled professionals?