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Procedural Manual

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Cleanologist Extraordinaire

Professional White Glove Cleanologist Trainee

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My Certifications

Training Manuals & Materials

Job Performance Program (PEP) Our Job Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) is how your work is checked and observed so you can earn pay increases, get the most  year-end bonus, and advance with White Glove.

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Basic Training is a new cleanologist's initial training. Here is where you do your online training as a trainee.

Click the image and get started.

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After completing Basic Training, you advance to the third wage level, Master Training. But you must participate in the next scheduled Master Cleanologist Workshop. The link to Master Training is activated when the next workshop is scheduled.



Staff Memos

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Team Talk, Informational newsletter for all cleanologists and staff.

Tuesday Two Advice and information about being a better employee and professional.

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 Job Descriptions Just exactly are you expected to do in your job? If you haven't checked out your job description, here is where you can, plus those of other White Glove job positions if you are interested in going up the corporate ladder.

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MBA Program Information for MBA program participants.

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Become a Team Leader

Are you considering becoming a team leader and /or a supply and equipment manager? Find out what it takes and the benefits, too. 

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Something bothering you? We want to know, and all grievances go straight to the top and will  be handled very confidentially. At White Glove, we want everyone to be happy and work in a positive work environment. Here's what to do.

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Our Mission & Culture Statement

A company's "mission" is why they do what they do. their "culture statement" tells how they do it by defining their values, and the way they do things. Here is White Glove's mission and culture statement.