Special Now-And-Then Cleaning When You Request It

Whenever it's needed just give us a call. Or any of these cleanings can be scheduled to be done on a regular basis.


  • All equipment, supplies, and specialized cleaning products included.


  • Each task is individually quoted, of course, depending upon the particular situation.


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Refrigerator Inside Cleaned & Deodorized

The inside of your refrigerator and door (including the seal) are detailed cleaned and sanitized for a hygienic and like-new appearance. Contents are removed, shelves and drawers removed and thoroughly cleaned along with all interior surfaces. Shelves, drawers, and contents replaced neatly. We dust and vacuum underneath and back (as can be accessed) for clean condenser coils and drip pan (if any). Front kick plate is thoroughly cleaned.

Cabinets Spray Shined

Cabinets gather dust, which when mixed with hand oils and occasional food and beverage smears and splatter, can visually affect the appearance with a dull patina and compromised shine. (A patina is the sheen that develops with age and wear.) Periodic cleaning with a spray polish can keep cabinets looking good while protecting the finish for long-lasting durability. We use a natural vegetable-based formula wood cleaner and polish.


There is a big difference between polishing and shining. See Polish & Shine: What’s The Difference?


Coconut, soybean, and palm kernel oils along with a vegetable-derived emulsifier provides a shine that enhances the finish, not damage it as many common household sprays do. Why not have your cabinets and drawers cleaned inside while we're at it? Just ask.

Cabinets Cleaned & Actually Polished

There is a big difference between polishing and shining. Read Polish & Shine: What’s The Difference? Yes, we polish using beeswax and orange oil. First we wipe cabinets clean with microfiber cloths to remove dirt, grease, fingerprints, and other buildup. Next, we meticulously hand polish including often-missed tops, sides, and delicate recesses. We open doors and drawers to polish frames, too. Why not have the insides of cabinets and drawers cleaned, too, at the same time. Just ask.

Drapes/Curtains Vacuumed & Deodorized

How often do your drapes and curtains get vacuumed between dry cleaning? Years? Just think of all the dust that settles on them! We carefully vacuum drapes and durable curtains from top to bottom on both sides with our special vacuum tool. Then we spray with Fabreze counteractant refresher that neutralizes odor-causing molecules with a light fragrance and no residue. A light, fresh scent is left behind smelling fresh and clean.

Venetian Blinds Hand Cleaned

 Let’s face it. Blind are the hardest place in home to keep dust-free. We dust your blinds at every service, but if you want a detailed clean thisa is it! After dusting, each slat is hand wiped with moist microfiber cloths with special attention given to removing dirt, fingerprints, and spots, too. Sure, it’s labor-intensive, but it’s worth it.


We recommend blinds, in homes with lots of blinds or shutters, be cleaned on a rotational basis. This means every service or every 1-3 months blinds in certains rooms are cleaned.

Walls Cleaned

You may be surprised how dirty some of your walls may be. And you may be surprised at how clean walls can brighten and add to the overall appearance of a room. You may not need to paint when White Glove gets to work! Walls are carefully hand wiped to the best-possible appearance. Polish or other treatments can be included. Molding and window sills included. Painted walls must be washable.

Fireplace Cleaned & Ashes Removed

Get your fireplace "Santa Claus" clean! Ashes removed, interior vacuumed, and surrounding area cleaned, including the screen. Glass and shiny surfaces polished. 


Leather Furniture Cleaned & Conditioned

After cleaning debris and thoroughly vacuuming (even removing cushions), we hand apply a professional, premium, rich, creamy lotion that preserves the feel, luster and even the scent of fine leather. The formula includes mink oil, lanolin, and aloe vera to preserve and nourish fine leather. Helps protect against drying and cracking. The formula cleans, restores, and preserves fine leather and other smooth pigmented material.

Baseboards Detail Cleaned

Get down there. You’ll be amazed at how baseboards can retain dirt, scuffs, and other grunge. Our services include dusting baseboards, but even so dust and dirt remain in tight corners and where baseboards meet door molding. But if they are kept clean, it’s amazing how they add to the overall sharp appearance of a room!


We get on our knees and wipe baseboards and use brushes to get them looking the best they can be withut skuff marks and other permanent-looking grunge. We move furniture as is reasonable to give a thorough clean. This is an especially welcomed cleaning for those with children and pets. While a single service can be done, we recommend a continual rotational service. This means baseboards in certain rooms are cleaned each service or every 1-3 months on a rotational basis to always keep baseboards looing great.


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