Yes, we're a legitimate, insured, and bonded business.

You can relax,

but what about friends and family who have service workers coming

into their homes?

Do you have neighbors, friends, and family who are thinking about house cleaners or other home service workers? Here’s smart advice to pass on:


1. Never let any service worker into your home without proof of liability insurance.


The most important protection for a homeowner is liability insurance.  Any homeowner who allows a service person into their home without insurance is asking for what could develop into future serious trouble.


Question: "Must an independent, freelance worker in my house have liability insurance?"


Answer:  Yes, definitely. See our publication Accident and Other Liabilities When Hiring Independent, Freelance Workers.


Note: Because good liability insurance is expensive and available only to those with a good business record, some unworthy service businesses advertise that they are "insured," when they really are not. They mean auto or some other insurance that makes no difference to the consumer. They hope their customers think they are referring to liability insurance. Ask to see proof of insurance. Always.


2. Never let any service worker into your home without being bonded. 


While liability insurance is the most important, bonding is vital.  Ask to see the bond.  Don’t take anyone’s word for it.


3. Always choose a legitimate, licensed business. 


Question: "I've heard that if I hire someone directly to work in my home, I must pay their taxes and treat them as my employee. Is that true? 


Answer: Yes, you have tax liabilities just as an employer. See our publication Tax Liabilities When Hiring Independent, Freelance Workers.


While you may save some money by hiring and allowing freelance individuals into your home, the risks just aren’t worth it.  Once you are a victim of a crime or lawsuit, you’ll wonder why you put yourself in so much jeopardy.