Cleaning is done on an ongoing basis in sections. Part is done each service. For example, for super vacuuming one or two different rooms are super vacuumed each service until all rooms have been super vacuumed. The rotation can be scheuled to start again to keep an optimum clean, or the rotation can be secheduled every several weeks or months.  

=  Single Service Available

Options with this symbol can be ordered as a one-time service. Depending on the extent of time involved, it may be done all at the same time, or done over several services.

=  Bundle This with One or More Options for a Discount 

Cleanings with this symbol means it can be bundled with other options to receive a package discount. All cleaning options in the bundle must be ordered at the same time to get a discount.

=  Tailor to Your Preferences

You can tailor this cleaning to your your personal specifications. Add or subtract things as you wish. You may, for example, want only certain cabinets polished, or the baseboards in only certain rooms to be cleaned. Or you may want a special product that you like substituted for that which we use. We’re flexible and we'll work with you.

=  Sectional, Done in Sections Over Several Services

Symbols Explained