In Today's World

 Green Cleaning 

 It's anything but black and white. 

As part of our commitment to responsible, environmental friendly operations, White Glove continuously evaluates issues and trends to maintain a realistic Green Cleaning Policy.

We seek only facts that can be verified by credible sources.  We weed through the hyperbole, unsubstantiated rhetoric, obvious lies, and sales pitches that are far from the truth.  It is quite obvious that a large number of organizations and businesses tout their agendas sometimes in deceptive ways because they have a great deal to gain from influencing the public. As a result, facts may be falsified and the truth distorted in an effort to make people believe what they want them to believe.

How We Arrived At Our

Green Cleaning Policy

Green cleaning refers to a growing trend of using environmentally friendly ingredients and chemicals for household, commercial, and industrial cleaning.  But, since there are no specific definitions of what is "environmentally friendly," when a company touts that it is "going green," perhaps consumers should ask, "By whose definition?"
As for consumers using home cleaning services, it is important to be aware of the basics of green cleaning in order to evaluate the companies they use. Is the company really environmentally responsible?  Are their cleaners really removing health risks with cleaning agents that do the job but without undue chemical risks?


In six parts, we give you the background of how we arrived at our Green Cleaning Policy. You may want to take a look at the six-part background before going over our policy.

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Arriving At a Realistic Green Cleaning Policy: Part 1

Before deciding how to clean, know why it's important and your expectations.

Arriving At a Realistic Green Cleaning Policy: Part 2

Man-made compounds overcome nature's limitations.

Arriving At a Realistic Green Cleaning Policy: Part 3

Let's be realistic in a really toxic world

A Realistic Approach

White Gloves Green Cleaning Policy is one of the most complete, forthright, and specifically stated policies in the industry.

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