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Easy To Use


For a current customer, the certificate can be used as credit for any service the recipient may choose. If not a customer, the recipient may choose from any of our services:  a general home cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, garage spruce-up, a deep clean, and lots more.


How To Order


Simply call your local White Glove office or if you want us to call you, just put “Gift Certificate” in the comments box of our contact form. (You may also indicate best time to call if you wish.)


We will quickly take your order and you can pay here on our Web site by credit card or PayPal. If you are a current customer, you may include your purchase with your next service payment.


Deliver Options


In a hurry? Gift certificates can be emailed to you or the recipient the same day as purchase.


  • Email Gift Certificates We will email the house cleaning gift certificate to you or the recipient the same day as purchase. Just print, cut, and give.


  • U.S. Postal Service We will mail the gift certificate to you or the recipient through regular mail. We will mail it in a nice White Glove presentation card. Or, you may opt for a special occasion greeting card.


Give The Gift Of Time and Clean

The Perfect Original and Thoughtful Expression of Appreciation


                                        For a current customer:


  • Any Dollar Amount 

Cost: We recommend a minimum of $75 applicable to any service. For large amounts, the recipient may want to only use a portion. We keep a record of unused credit that they can use in the future.


  • The Price Of One Scheduled House Cleaning 

Cost: Depends upon how much the recipient pays. We’ll help you decide.


                                          For a non-customer:


  • 5 Hours of Cleaning

Cost: $150


  •  10 Hours of Cleaning

Cost: $300


  • The Price Of One Complete House Cleaning

 Cost: Depends upon the house. We’ll help you decide.

How much should you get?

Note: If the number of hours spent cleaning is less than the number indicated, the recipient will receive the unused time for future credit.

White Glove gift certificates are the best way to treat someone to a vacation from the drudgery of household chores. That special someone would love to receive a free White Glove housecleaning service. It’s truly an original gift that speaks volumes about how much you care. And it’s so fast and easy!

Besides special occasions, here's when a White Glove Gift Certificate will make a wonderful difference in someone's life:


  • A New Baby  With a new baby, who wouldn’t love to have a helping hand?


  • An Injury or Sickness  Being bedridden is no fun, but receiving help in keeping the house clean is just “what the doctor ordered”—and good friends, too.


  • Senior Residents The “golden years” should be a time to enjoy life, not scrubbing bathrooms, and other household drudgery. What senior wouldn’t relish White Glove help?


  • A Thank You  After a party, what’s a better way to express your appreciation than letting White Glove put the host’s home in tip-top condition?  Schedule our cleaning and give the certificate in advance. We’ll show up the very next morning.