Spring Cleaning and Then Some Any time of year.

From attic to basement, from patio to garage, and everywhere in between. This is where we get our small brushes out and detail clean wherever you want us. Yes, we'll carefully wash those dusty knickknacks way up high and on all those shelves. We move furniture and get behind and underneath. We'll even clean out and organize those forgotten closets. Just let us know which room or rooms you want super clean and we'll give you a quote. 


for an Optimal Clean

You may want to consider the following that can be ordered at our on-site inspection:


  • Garbage disposal, dishwasher, washing machine cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized.


  • Dryer lint buildup brushed and vacuumed; inside cleaned.


  • Carpets/rugs deodorized with Nilofresh.


  • Vacuum/deodorize drapes/curtains



Also see our Odd Job Cleaning tasks.

Floor to Ceiling • Wall to Wall • Inside and Out

Our comprehensive Deep Cleaning service includes everything covered in our Basic Home Cleaning package PLUS all this:


  • High-up dusting is done with an extendable microfiber duster, we dust light fixtures, corners, and even walls if needed.


  • Ceiling fan blades are hand wiped on both sides if accessible with a short ladder.


  • Vacuum upholstered furniture. Cushions are removed for vacuuming, and turned over and rotated.


  • Clean, dust, and polish or shine wood furnishings.


  • Venetian blinds and shutters are thoroughly dusted. Window molding and sills, of course.


  • Doors and molding on both sides are wiped clean with microfiber cloths. Scuffs removed if possible.


  • Baseboards dusted and checked for dirt and scuffs that can be removed. In tight corners we use small brushes.


  • Carpets super vacuumed meaning a crevice tool is used to deep vacuum edges along baseboards.


  • Furniture moved as much as possible for a thorough clean


  • Accent pieces and knickknacks are carefully washed and replaced (as instructed).


  • Wall marks and small, dirty areas are wiped clean.


  • Vents are dusted or hand wiped and brushed.


  • Patio glass sliding door, and front door are cleaned.


  • Cabinets/drawers exteriors cleaned; interiors wiped/vacuumed.


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3 Cleanologists at door.jpg

A free on-site inspection and customer interview is required so all expectations are agreed upon. We go over all that is included in our basic deep-cleaning package, and we include customer requests for additional cleaning tasks for our price quote.  Below are typical cost ranges typical for various sized houses depending on cleaning requirements and special requests.

2-Bath House/12-14-16 man-hours $432-504-576 plus tax

3-Bath House/14-16-18 man-hours $504-576-648 plus tax

4-Bath House/22-24-26 man-hours $792-864-936 plus tax

To arrange an on-site inspection, just call (go to  Get Started page ) or email our service interest form.


It doesn't get any cleaner than a White Glove  deep  clean.