We're Listening

 We want to hear from our customers. Good or bad. We like being inspired, and also knowing how we can improve.


Just a minute. That's all it takes to let us know your thoughts.


In spite of our best efforts to do our best, it’s indeed possible to overlook something. If we do, we certainly apologize and we want to return to make it right.


Within 24 hours of your service, if you feel something was missed or not done properly, please give us a call, and we will dispatch someone to cheerfully return to make things right. That's our guarantee.

4 Ways To Give Us Your Feedback 



Feedback for each service can be given on your payment envelope. (Yes, every envelope is carefully read.) Thank you for taking time to comment.


White Glove management and our cleaning teams take pride in our work, ethics, and customer care. Please share your thoughts about our work in the form below.

Call Us To Return: If something is not right.

Payment Envelope:  A note about your previous service.

Online Form (below): Occasional, general feedback.

Feedback Form

From time to time, please let us know how we’re doing.


If you are enthusiastic, we’re elated.


If you are satisfied, we’re happy, but very concerned because you’re not enthusiastic.


If you’re unhappy, we’re unhappy, too, because we failed to make you enthusiastic. And we roll up our sleeves even further to get to work to find out where we're going wrong in making you a White Glove ENTHUSIAST.  

Our goal: ENTHUSIASTIC customers, not just SATISFIED customers.