Add In-Depth Cleaning To Your Basic Package

Options Tailored To Your Home's Special Needs & Your Personal Preferences 

                      Relish consistent cleanliness, odor-free freshness, and the peace of mind of knowing that 

your furnishings are well protected and will be looking great for years to come!


  • All equipment, supplies, and specialized cleaning products included.

  • Each task is individually quoted, of course, depending upon the particular situation.

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Vacuum Upholstered Furniture

& Fabreze Deodorized

All accessible areas of upholstered couches, sectionals, easy chairs, and accent pillows, too, vacuumed to remove in-depth dust and debris, pet hair, food crumbs, etc. Seat cushions removed and vacuumed underneath (lost coins are placed on coffee table). Then we spray with Fabreze that neutralizes odor-causing molecules with a light fragrance and no residue. Odors disappear with a patented binding technology that locks on to odor molecules and traps them for good. A light, fresh scent complements the cleanliness.

Wipe-Dusting & Endust Shinning

With Microfiber "Dust-Magnet" Cloths

Our regular dusting is done with both ostrich-feather dusters and microfiber cloths. But, for a more in-depth dusting, quality microfiber cloths are exclusively used for the majority of dusting. (Feather and microfiber dusters are used for high places and difficult-to-reach places such as behind blinds, curtains, valences, and narrow spots.) We hand wipe tops, fronts, and accessible sides of furniture pieces that you indicate, including dressers, headboards, footboards, nightstands, entertainment centers, bookshelves, armoires, chests, etc. And blinds, too. We’ll also keep your “polishable” pieces Endust shiny and looking showroom beautiful.

Super Vacuuming

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning, Long-Lasting Appearance, and Allergen Control, Too

This in-depth vacuuming gets debris, dead insects, and dust even in narrow and tight places where vacuums cannot reach, and along baseboards. Using an extendable vacuum device, a crevice tool, and even an upholstery tool, we get on our hands and knees to reach under large furniture/appliances, around table legs, and those wall edges where vacuum cleaners don't do well.. Also, we get to exposed areas where vacuums can’t get (between furniture, etc.). Next to carpet shampooing, our Super Vacuuming on a regular basis is best for  maintaining optimal appearance and long-lasting durability of carpets.

Cabinets Spray Shined

Cleaned or Cleaned & Shined

Cabinets gather dust, which when mixed with hand oils and occasional food and beverage smears and splatter, can visually affect the appearance with a dull patina and compromised shine. (A patina is the sheen that develops with age and wear.) Periodic cleaning with a spray polish can keep cabinets looking good while protecting the finish for long-lasting durability. We use a natural vegetable-based formula wood cleaner and polish.


There is a big difference between polishing and shining. See Polish & Shine: What’s The Difference?


Coconut, soybean, and palm kernel oils along with a vegetable-derived emulsifier provides a shine that enhances the finish, not damage it as many common household sprays do. Why not have your cabinets and drawers cleaned inside while we're at it? Just ask.

Venetian Blinds Hand Cleaned

It doesn't get any better than this!

 Let’s face it. Blind are the hardest place in a home to keep dust-free. We dust your blinds at every service, but if you want a detailed clean this is it! After dusting, each slat is hand wiped with moist microfiber cloths with special attention given to removing dirt, fingerprints, and spots, too. Sure, it’s labor-intensive, but it’s worth it.


Sectional Service: Recommended for homes with lot of blinds and/or shutters. Blinds will be cleaned on a rotational basis completing all blinds in 2, 4, or 6 months, or otherwise.


Single Service: We recommend at least twice a year or more depending on dust level.


Beds Made with Fresh Linen

Nice Complement to a Clean Home

Leave clean sheets and pillow cases out, and we’ll make a fresh bed(s), and put dirty linens in the laundry room. We’ll start washing upon request, too. $5 first bed; $3 each additional bed.


Leather Furniture Treated & Polished

Prolong The Life and Keep Your Leather Looking Good, Too

After cleaning debris and thoroughly vacuuming (even removing cushions), we hand apply a professional, premium, rich, creamy lotion that preserves the feel, luster and even the scent of fine leather. The formula includes mink oil, lanolin, and aloe vera to preserve and nourish fine leather. Helps protect against drying and cracking. The formula cleans, restores, and preserves fine leather and other smooth pigmented material.

Baseboards Detail Cleaned

Clean baseboards brightens clean floors, and really adds to the overall appearance of a room.

Get down there. You’ll be amazed at how baseboards can retain dirt, scuffs, and other grunge. Our services include dusting baseboards, but even so dust and dirt remain in tight corners and where baseboards meet door molding. But if they are kept clean, it’s amazing how they add to the overall sharp appearance of a room!


We get on our knees and wipe baseboards and use brushes to get them looking the best they can be withut skuff marks and other permanent-looking grunge. We move furniture as is reasonable to give a thorough clean. This is an especially welcomed cleaning for those with children and pets.


Sectional Service: Recommended complete rotational cleaning at least twice yearly.


Single Service: While a single service can be done, we recommend a continual sectional service to keep baseboards always looing great.


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