First Service Cleaning

Doing Reviews


  • Once you give your answer and move to the next question, you cannot go back. So, if you are not sure, you can look up the answer before moving on.

  • There is no time limit, but you shouldn’t take long if you have carefully gone over the material. The date and the time you started and finished are recorded.

  • You must answer each question before you can complete the review.

Hi Cleanologist, You must become certified in order to continue being assigned to first services. Making a great first impression at a first service is extremely important. Everyone must give it their all because we are setting the stage for a long-time, loyal customer. Please take this seriously, and give it your best. Thank you.


What To Do

Please study the manual below by clicking on the cover below, then do the review.

About The Reviews

1.   Reviews are “open book” meaning you can refer to the manual if you think you don’t know the correct answer.


But DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THE REVIEW FIRST WITHOUT READING AND KNOWING THE MANUAL SECTIONS FIRST.  The reviews do not have a time limit, but if you only try to look up the answers without first reading and knowing the material, it will take you a long time. By time it takes you, it will be obvious that you were not familiar with the manual. So, again study the manual first!


Also, you may be asked to discuss the manual with a supervisor, and if you have not really read and understood the material, you won’t be able to do well in the discussion.

After finishing the score, you will see which questions you missed.

2.   A score of 100% is required for certification. If you don’t get 100% the first time, please take the review until you get 100%.

If you do not get 100% the second or third time, you may be removed as a candidate. Be sure to find the correct answers.


Please be sure you have read and studied the manual before taking the review. Thank you for working hard to do be the best you can be! That's the sign of cleanologist who will go places.