As a prospective employee, you've been offered a chance to show your personal character and work abilities.

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We call it "working interview." You're invited to a house to clean along with a White Glove team of 2 or 3 cleaners. You'll be given supplies and equipment, and a room to clean. That's about it. You clean it the way you think it should be cleaned without any instructions or training. It's up to you. You will dust, clean, mop, vacuum, etc., whatever your supervisor assigns.

The purpose is to observe how you work, and to get an idea of your level or personal definition of cleanliness, as well as your personality and how you work with others.

You'll want to put your best foot forward. 

You are showing who you are, and why you should be hired. Go over these questions and answers to be well prepared. If you have other questions, please call or email our office:  817-609-4121 (press #3) or Thank you. We're looking forward to seeing you.

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How do I know where to go?  You received an email with a link to this page. In that email you were asked if you would do a working interview. When you reply and agree, you will be given the date, time, address, and the name of your supervisor and telephone. 

What do I wear?  Wear comfortable jeans or pants (no holes or tears), and rubber-soled shoes. A solid Navy blue shirt is preferred. If you do not have one, a clean and solid (preferred) shirt is best.

Will I be paid?  Yes. You will be paid the training rate of $10/per hour plus .35 per mile round-trip from our office. You do not have to keep track of your miles. We use Mapquest to get the number of miles. You will be mailed a check if you are not hired. If you are hired, you will be paid in your first paycheck. 

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What do I do next?  Reply to the email that you received. You will then be scheduled and you'll receive the additional information including the address, your supervisor, and the time to meet.

If you have other questions, please call or email our office: 817-609-4121 (press #3) or