Professional Cleanologist

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We call our professional cleaning team members “cleanologists,” which means someone who studies and is proficient in cleaning.


One reason people choose White Glove is because they know that we are serious about cleaning. We train our cleanologists through our own White Glove Cleaning Academy. Our cleanologists enjoy a position of respect and admiration from customers who know that they are truly knowledgeable professionals.

               Pre-Qualifying   STEP #3

Professional Cleanologist Training 

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Here is how it works:

  • Start by going over our pre-hire orientation publication on our Website. This explains some basics about working for White Glove that we want to make sure you are aware of before moving on.

  • If you understand and agree, you start what we call Basic Training. As a trainee you receive $13/hr, and when you finish you are a Certified Cleanologist.

  • Basic Training is in 2 parts: Online and On-the-Job.

Online Basic Training (one week)

  • Online Basic Training involves going through our procedural manual which is in 8 parts plus the introduction.

  • After studying each part, you take an online review of multiple choice questions. You aren’t graded. It’s just so you can see how well you understand our cleaning procedures.

  • If you get top scores, you can earn up to $150!

​On-Site Basic Training (2 days)

  • On-Site Training involves being trained in a house with perhaps 1 or 2 others. We go through all procedures. It takes 2 days, about 6 hours each day. Again you will be paid for each day of on-site training @ 13/hr. 



Master Cleanologist is your next step.


Begin with our online publication, Power of Professionalism. Topics are mainly about the importance of doing good work to create customer loyalty. Easy peasy.

To become a Master Cleanologist, you must attend a short workshop on a Saturday morning. You will be paid for your attendance.

You actually earn $15/hour once you finish your Basic Training, but you must complete the Saturday workshop to make $15/hour permanent. If you do not attend, you go back down to $10/hour until another workshop is scheduled.


What you want from your work with White Glove depends on you—your motivation, your drive, and your ambition. You may want to work just part time, or you may want to grow as White Glove grows. Again it’s up to you, but the first step is to start your training!


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You OK with our training, and the Saturday morning Master Workshop? Good.!

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