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               Pre-Qualifying   STEP #2

What you need to know

before you apply.

  • Full time at White Glove is around 25 hours per week working generally Mon-Friday.  On a typical workday a team of two or three cleanologists cleans 2 or 3 houses depending on size and time.  

  • You start with Basic Training online training and on-the-job training. Online work involves studying basic procedures. You will earn up to $150 for getting good scores

  • During Basic Training, pay is $13 per hour until you pass your evaluation (approximately 2 weeks).

  • Pay is every 2 weeks. We do direct deposit, which means you need to have a bank account.

  • We work Monday through Friday only. You generally meet your team leader at 8:30 a.m. and you will finish either early afternoon or sometimes late afternoon.

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Questions & Answers

What qualifications are necessary to be hired? Qualifications are listed on the previous page. Especially important is your dependability to show up without frequent absences, and being on time.

If I am hired, can I be removed or rejected before moving up to full time? Yes, it depends on your job performance and your absences.. You must learn the procedures and demonstrate proficiency in White Glove’s professional cleaning skills.

Do I get paid for the on-site training? Yes. What we call Basic Training is 2 intensive days of training plus a few days working with a team leader.  White Glove’s paydays are every other Friday.

If I want to just work 1-3 days only, can I do that?  Yes. We welcome part-time cleaners to become White Glove professional cleanologists, too.

Got the basics? Hope many of your questions have been answered.

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