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MBA Program


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#1 Most Important  Qualification: 


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As a MBA program participant, you would join an administrative team of highly motivated professionals driven to succeed with whatever it takes to master skills, knowledge, and personal attributes. They are passionate to be on top in an environment where, as Steve Jobs said, excellence is expected. Likewise, your goal must be sincere dedication to seeing the program through, and being the very best you can.

Being passionate about the program and your potential is the number one qualification, the foundation of which is belief in yourself and unbridled confidence.

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2nd Most Important 


Be a Yardstick of  Quality

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In the quote here, Steve Jobs says some people don’t have quality in their lives because they are not usually in situations where superiority in what they do, and attention to detail, are normal. You should be a “yardstick” of quality. In other words, be someone who’s work, and other aspects of their lives, are standards of quality.


You can learn to do quality work, but it should be already be basic to everything you do—part of your being.

If you imagine quality being measured by a yardstick, then 0 inches is the poorest quality, and 36 inches is the best or top quality. As a person where do you think you would be as a person who has quality in their work and other things they do? 

  • Have a cell phone & computer (laptop or desktop) in your home, not just access elsewhere. In addition to on-the-job training, you will train on the Internet and by video conferencing.  You must be able to use it for daily communication by texts and emails.


  • Home Space for Supplies & Equipment  As manager of supplies and equipment for your team, you will store these materials as you prepare for each workday. You will also need to wash cleaning rags and mop pads once or twice a week. (You are paid extra for serving as your team’s S&E manager.)

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Other Qualifications

  • Residence Qualification  You must live in the geographical territory for which application is made. White Glove takes pride in serving its customers by locals who live in or near their city.


  • Have a Well-Maintained Car  Dependable transportation is an absolute must. This means your vehicle is kept in good operating order at all times. Your vehicle must have space to transport at least 3 people (including you), and cleaning supplies and equipment.

  • Willingness to Attend Meetings and Workshops  Training and employee meetings, and professional development workshops are held outside of regular work hours. Sometimes you are paid for your time; other times you are not. Either way you should be willing to attend in order to grow professionally and be better at your job. A meeting or workshop may be in-person or done by video conferencing. In-person meetings may be held early morning, evening, or on Saturday. They are not frequent. As an example team leaders have a 3-hour workshop on a Saturday twice a year.   


  • Pass a Thorough Background Check  Unquestionable honesty and moral strength is a must. We cannot hire anyone with a record of a serious crime(s). Depending on the offense, past or current drug or alcohol abuse may be unacceptable, especially if such abuse negatively may affect work performance or occasional or frequent absences.


  • Professional Demeanor  As someone in a management and leadership position interacting with staff, customers, and the public, a professional image is necessary. Excessive visible tattoos, facial piercings, unusually colored hair, and unkempt facial hair may be offensive to some.

  • Dependable/Reliable Can you be counted on to fulfill your responsibility in any situation? Are you consistent in attendance?


  • Outgoing & Friendly Friendly with a pleasing personality. The ability to get along well with customers and coworkers.


  • A Team Player Basically, a team player sees that working as a team is more productive than working only for oneself. A team player pitches in any team effort living up to his/her individual responsibilities.


  • Management & Leadership Ability Do you have a tendency, or a strong ability, to lead, guide, and inspire others to do their best and to achieve mutual goals?

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Character & personality

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