...for MBA work-and-experience program for preparation for the position of District Operations Manager plus optional certification for White Glove Business and Franchise Ownership

Here's your fast-track pathway to building your future with White Glove. You are working not only on a stable career, but also a secure future, and possibly as as owner of our own White Glove franchise business. Remember, there is no cost. In fact, we pay you to learn and  succeed as a member of the White Glove Team.


MBA Program


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How Long Is the Program?  The duration of the training part of the program is approximately 6-7 months, but you could advance up the corporate ladder quicker, or slower, depending on your job performance. 

Being trained and gaining experience requires candidates to begin by working in the Weatherford market, which means commuting to Weatherford for an initial short period. Gradually the work schedule will include both Weatherford and your district as we open your district to new customers. With additional customers, you will eventually work in your district only.

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Pre-Qualify yourself as a Cleanologist.

A "cleanologist" is what we call our cleaning team members.

Duration: 2-4+ Months, depending on job performance

Hours/Salary: approximately 25-30 hours/week @ $14-16/hour

depending on job and training performance.

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First, you start as a cleanologist trainee. (Everybody at White Glove starts at the beginning to build character and gain thorough experience. Our founder started as a cleanologist, and he still helps out when needed today. (If you aren’t up to starting at the bottom, and getting down and dirty cleaning in all situations, then this program is not for you.)

If accepted, you will train to be a Master Cleanologist, which includes a short Saturday morning workshop. Then, as you gain experience, you will train to become certified in three areas of specialization including team leadership and supply-and-equipment management.

Become familiar with policies and procedures through online and on-site training. In this phase you prove yourself as a worthy program candidate through your job performance.

A thorough interview process will explain qualifications and determine your ability to succeed in the program. (Remember, if you are accepted, you are not guaranteed that you will be admitted into the program.)

Serving as a cleanologist is a qualification phase during which time you are evaluated as a potential program candidate. It all depends on your personality, team spirit, and especially your job performance. If you have sufficient drive and ambition, you will do fine. Upon further interviewing and testing, you then complete this qualifying phase.  

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Executive Team Manager

Upon acceptance into the MBA Program, you will be trained in the next step in the “corporate ladder,” Executive Team Leader. In this position you will be responsible for some administrative aspects of dealing with team leaders and cleanologists. Also begin courses in learning management and leadership skills.   


While you must participate in the training-and-study courses along with other candidates as scheduled, your advancement to executive team manager, assistant operations manager, and district operations manager depends on your job performance. For example, the courses last for up to six months. When finished one candidate may be ready to serve as operations manager while another candidate may still work as a lower position due to differences in job performance. 

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Begin management training and responsibilities.

Duration: 2-5+ Months, depending on job performance 

Hours/Salary: approximately 25-30 hours/week @ $14-16/hour

depending on job and training performance.

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Assistant Operations Manager

Assuming Customer Concerns

Duration: 2-3+ Months, depending on job performance

Hours/Salary: approximately 25-30 hours/week @ $14-16/hour

depending on job and training performance.

As Assistant District Operations Manager, your begin administrative responsibilities. These include a deeper look at scheduling, as well as an introduction to inspecting and evaluating cleanologists' and team leaders' job performance. Training also includes recruiting and dealing with customers. Focus on personality and character traits that are important in success begin in this phase. These include communication skills, such as writing, speaking, and listening, and personal effectiveness skills such as time management and organization.

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District Operations Manager

Focus on behind-the-scenes operations.

Duration: 2-3+ Months, depending on job performance

Hours/Salary: starts at working from 30 hours/week @ $16 ($1920/month) to 40 hours/week @ $18/hour ($2880/month).

In this final phase of learning the basics of responsible business operations, you perform all aspects of operations in your district. Continued training emphasizes leadership skills as they apply to fostering teamwork among your staff as well as recruiting, onboarding, and retaining employees and customers. Upon completion of your training, you receive your MBA diploma from White Glove Cleaning Academy! With exceptional success in administering your district, you may want to own your own White Glove business as a franchisee, which is an option (see step 5).

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Business Ownership & White Glove Franchisee Certification 

An option for your entrepreneurial spirit.

Duration: 3-5+ Months, depending on job performance

Owning your own business is less of a challenge with your experience and training as a MBA program graduate. And as a White Glove franchisee, you’ve got a strong background, and the support from White Glove to succeed. Being associated with the recognized White Glove brand contributes to the potential for financial success as you bring in plenty of clients familiar with the brand.

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