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Q: What does an Operations Manager do?

As the top manager and company leader in an exclusive region, the manager oversees all operations dealing with employee scheduling and training, supplies and equipment, job performance evaluations, ensuring quality customer relations, contacting prospective customers to process as new customers. Of course the OM cleans houses when needed, and serves as a coordinator for all new-customer first services.

An Operations Manager wears many hats.

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1 First-Service Coordinator: The OM oversees important first services for new customers.

2 Occasional Cleanologist The manager helps in day-to-day cleaning on a regular or occasional basis depending on requirements. 

3 Confirming Service: Interviewing new customers and confirming details of their recurring services is an important role.

4 Evaluations: The OM does on-the-job job performance evaluations and home inspections.

5 Leads: The manager receives calls from prospective customers, and makes appointments to visit their homes. The OM also calls customers on a regular basis to get personal feedback about our service.


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Q: I think I have lots of good things about me that would make me a great worker, but I just can’t find the right job where I can prove myself. Would this be that job?


A: You may have had dead-end jobs where the employers just want unskilled labor. These jobs offer little chance for advancement to better-paying positions. The MBA program is an ideal way to prove your abilities and advance with a good career. You could even own your own business with White Glove, if that's something you think you want to aspire to. But,too, you must be interested and enthusiastic about the work.

 Q: Why does this program have so many qualifications? And why is so much emphasis placed on the two most important qualifications? 


A: A strong work ethic is the core of our company’s success. White Glove is a respected cleaning business with an excellent reputation. We must hire only well-qualified individuals who identify with our goals. As a White Glove employee, you not only earn above-average money, but you also can hold your head up high with pride that you are part of an elite team of skilled professionals.


Also, we train you and give you opportunities to lead and manage in our business and you advance in the company. We will even give top performers their own White Glove business with customers as a franchisee—free of charge! You can see that we must hire good, motivated people with a strong potential to succeed.

Q: I am really excited about this job, and starting a real career. I’ve only jumped from one job to another, and I’m tired of this. I want to make something of myself but I don’t have much education and skills. Would I be considered for this job?


A: Everything that happens in our lives are a result of decisions we make. If you really feel confident that you can and will succeed, be honest with us and express your strong personal drive and motivation, which is the #1 qualification. We will consider you thoroughly regardless of your educational background. Remember, we will train you so you will have the skills to succeed. Apply!


Q: How much will I be paid?


A: First, the pay as a team leader is $15/hour plus you earn extra pay for miles driven as a team leader and for managing your team’s supplies and equipment. Of course, the better your job performance, the greater your wage with raises. Plus you can advance to better-paying positions. We pay better than any cleaning service that we know of!


Second, employers are suspicious of applicants who are focused on pay. Employers focus on the qualities and abilities of applicants, and whether or not they will be good workers in helping the company meet its goals. Be focused on doing a great job; then you will always make good money. Money doesn’t make you a good employee; you make yourself a good employee, and money will follow you. Click here to see how much you can make as a franchisee owner.

Q: I want a career with a company that has real potential for growth. As a residential cleaning company, what is the foundation for White Glove's success? 


A: We have a success formula that we have been perfecting for 14 years. We are serious about cleaning--as both a science and an art. Therefore, we have an infrastructure and image of professionalism, quality, and indulgent customer care that attract potential customers and keeps them loyal. Click here to learn more.

Q: The idea of owning my own White Glove business really interests me. What really is a franchise, and don't they cost a lot of money to buy?


A: Owning your own White Glove business is not a requirement of the MBA Program. It is an option for those with a record of strong success and potential.There is no fee for the franchise. It is free to those graduates who have proven themselves to be excellent business professionals. Learn more about franchises by clicking on the graphic below.

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MBA Program

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Have other questions? Please call 817-609-4121, press #3, ask to speak to someone about the MBA Program.