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Tired of Dead-End Jobs?

Rodney Hill, President

White Glove Residential Services, Inc.

Our Promise to Promising People

I’ve meet too many promising people with lots of potential to succeed but who got detoured off the road to

success. Some had limited schooling, but they were smart. Some had dead-end jobs but they were ambitious. Some had few work skills, but they were passionate to learn. Some didn’t have a job, but they could have been the hardest of workers. Some even doubted their self-worth, but they had abilities more than they imagined!

Often promising individuals stuck in the ditch need only an opportunity to get back on the road to success. At White Glove we know that opportunity can kick start powerful potential. That’s why our promise to new hires is to only promote and advance our own people who started at the beginning and have proven themselves at White Glove.  Where else can outstanding team member move up in management, and even the possibility of becoming a White Glove business owner?!

Please take a look at our qualifications and per-qualify yourself, and if you've got promise, please submit your application. Who knows where you'll go with White Glove?

Get a job.

And start a career!

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Job Positions & Advancement Opportunities

You may just want a job at White Glove because it pays well above average for house cleaning, and the company respects and values its workers. But, at the same time you can also start a career.  We have advancement opportunities if you've got the ambition to go in new and exciting directions in your life. You can move up to being an operations manager, or perhaps even own your own White Glove business.

White Glove is growing rapidly throughout Parker and into Tarrant, Hood, and Palo Pinto counties. If you've got what it takes to be a successful White Glove professional, we invite you to come grow with us!

Please DO NOT APPLY if

  • you are looking for something else and you want to only work in the meantime. We hire only those who are looking for work in the long run--not temporary employment;

  • you do not have a record consistency in your past employment, or you do not have a strong work ethic.