For over 12 years White

Glove has been perfecting

the best home cleaning

service our customers

could possibly want.

We all work hard to do a thorough

and complete job, and to exceed our customers’ expectations. Not many applicants are offered an interview. We 

     interview only those who show

           promise. You’re one of them.

We're growing. We're hiring. Welcome.

Since 2005, White Glove

has been perfecting the

best home cleaning

service our customers

could possibly want.

That’s our goal.

Our team works hard to do a

thorough and complete job, and to

exceed our customers’ expectations. Not many applicants are offered an interview...only those who show promise in achieving our goal. 

             You’re one of them because…

You've passed the first hurdle.

The fact that you applied means that you weren’t scared away by hard and dedicated work, and the other qualifications on our “Join

Our Team” page. Right there, this says something about your work attitude toward hard and good work. Great!

Primary Qualification: Be "Meticulous"

The purpose of your interview is not to determine if you "meticulous" because that is answered only through your job performance. But, you’ll be asked if you think you are. You may want to have some examples in mind.

Remember this from the “Join Our Team” page?

When you get right down to it, a good cleanologist (that’s what we call our professional cleaners) is born, not made. In other words, you’ve got “the right stuff;” ;you are a "yardstick of quality. If this is you, you don’t like things that are not clean, and you really are good at getting them clean. If you don’t, maybe you can learn to clean, but the chances of your being successful as a White Glove professional cleanologist is better if you have some OCD flowing through you. LOL

We want to meet you, and go over your application and background.  We want you to know a few things about what it’s like to work for White Glove. The interview should take about 20 minutes.



Below are some topics to be discussed.

Please go

over these.

We only clean houses.

Serving Parker, Hood, &

Palo Pinto counties.

Expanding to

Ft. Worth and


Work Hours

Because a team cleans no more than 3 houses per day, most cleanologists work 4-5 hours per day, 4-5 days a week. Full time at White Glove is 25-30 hours per week.

We pay by the house. A team is either 2 or 3 cleanologists. A 2-person team can do either 2 or 3 houses a day. A team of 3 usually cleans 3 houses that may take extra time. The first house is usually at 9:00 a.m., and you will be off sometime in the early or late afternoon. Each day is a different schedule.

Daily Bonus Hour

Sometimes you may have to stay longer than the specified hours. We ask that you don’t leave until the house is done perfectly. Therefore you may be spending 15-30 minutes extra. For this reason, we pay an extra bonus hour daily just to make sure you have the time to do an exceptional job. Even if you don’t spend extra time, you get the extra hour daily. 


With the bonus hour, on average a cleanologist earns $14.20/hour!

We do not pay for driving time between houses, but we try our best to minimize driving time. The average is about 40 miles per day. (If you drive an especially long time, we pay extra for the extra time.) The team leader generally drives his/her car, and carries all supplies.

Would you describe yourself as consistent and dependable?

Working is not a hobby. It is a job that requires dependable attendance! .At White Glove, like most other businesses, showing up to work on a consistent and dependable basis is extremely important. You will be asked about your attitude toward your job, and your past experiences in this matter.

We do a background check for everyone we hire. You will be asked if you feel for any reason that you will not pass the check. You can ask questions should you have any.

Background Check

Master Cleanologist Training Program

​If we and our customers expect our cleanologists to perform really well with high quality, we must have a strong training program.

First you must participate in “basic training” for about a week. This involves online training--studying our procedural manual and completing a series of reviews, which are multiple choice questions so you can see how well you understand the procedure. You do this on your own time, but you will be paid up to $114 for getting good review scores. At the same time, you do on-site training working with a team leader as you put to work what you have studied.

Basic training takes about a week, and you are paid $10/hour. After finishing basic training, you are a certified cleanologist earning $11/hour.

Your next step is to become a master cleanologist. This involves studying a series of readings and reviews dealing with the importance of teamwork, customers, and doing your best work. This can take just a week.

After finishing, you are a master cleanologist, and you receive a certificate and earn $12/hour.

See pages 4-6 of the Career Guide for more details about becoming a certified and a master cleanologist.

Further training is required to become certified in doing various jobs. See Career Guide page 7 about what is called Certified Specialist Program.

You will be asked if you understand our training program, and you can ask any questions that you may have.

Consider a Career with White Glove

Yes, we have management opportunities. You can aim to be a team leader, executive team manager, district operations manager, or even own your own White Glove business!


learn all about growing with White Glove in our Career Guide. Click the cover above to open.

If you are interested in

management positions, let your interviewer know, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Hopefully you are excited about working for White Glove, and possibly starting a career with us. Please confirm your appointment and that you will attend by sending the confirmation email below.

IF YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND: If, for any reason, you have changed your mind please send the email and simply indicate that you are cancelling the appointment. No reason need be given. We understand, but please be responsible and let us know so we can arrange your time for someone else. Thank you.

Send Interview Confirmation Email Below:


Interview will be cancelled

if confirmation email is not received on or before the 

day of your interview.

Thanks! Looking forward to meeting with you.

How to Find Our Office

We share an office with Dog Day Afternoon Spa, a dog grooming salon at 214 Santa Fe Drive in downtown Weatherford across from the First Monday Trade Days Grounds. In a small strip mall you will see a large turquoise sign reading “Dog Grooming.” Please park along the side or back of the building. (At their Website, you can see a map).

What to Wear:  Dress nicely, but casually. We are not fancy.

What to Do If You Are Delayed:  Call our office as soon as possible: 817-609-4121 and press #3.

More about Training: Our training department is called “White Glove Cleaning Academy.” To go to our Website pages about our training click here.