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To Wear the Very Best?

Pre-qualify yourself

Do You Have What It Takes 

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In 4 Steps...then apply.

Before applying see if you are right for White Glove, and if White Glove is right for you. In 5 easy steps you can pre-qualify yourself.  Get started with Step #1 below.

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               Pre-Qualifying   STEP #1

Are You a Yardstick of Quality?

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White Glove professionals are obsessive cleaners who are passionate about not leaving spots on mirrors, fingerprints on chrome, smears on stainless steel, hairs in the bathroom, debris on floors, cobwebs around windows, etc. And they’re compulsive about checking their work to make sure everything is just perfect.

That’s because White Glove professionals are "yardsticks of quality" as said in the above quote by Apple founder Steve Jobs. Can quality be measured by your work? If so, you are not satisfied with being ordinary. You and the work you do rise above average and stand out from the crowd.

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You clean houses because you take pride in doing your job well. Your goal is to do what it takes to make sure your clients are pleased with what they see when you’re finished. You’re proud when they tell you that you’ve done a good job.


Even if you’ve cleaned a house a hundred times, you clean it each time as if it’s your first time. Details always get your attention. You’re more concerned about doing a great job than the time it takes. And while money is important, your work ethic is more important because it is a reflection of who you are. You are proud and it shows to all who see your skills in cleanliness, organization, and neatness. 


Just as an accomplished artist would never sign his/her name to a sub-standard painting, you would never allow clients to come home to a house that didn’t meet their expectations. That’s why you try to exceed those expectations. You are proud—and rightly so!

When it comes to cleaning, being a "yardstick of quality" is the number one qualification:

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If your cleaning is a "yardstick of quality," that's great! 

And, if you have read and agree to our Covid-19 policies, move on to Pre-Qualify Step #2.