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the Lead

Take charge of your potential.

Take on responsibility.

Take aim at opportunity.

Take advantage of professional growth.


Take part in a challenge.

Become a White Glove Team Leader

You can put in a request to be considered as a team leader, or you may be asked. 


To be considered you must be a person with good leadership potential, and one that demonstrates responsibility and a strong work ethic.


A team leader is seen as someone in a company who stands out and above co-workers. Besides additional hourly pay, the position involves responsibilities that are essential in maintaining White Glove’s coveted customer retention and loyalty. The team leader is a very important person between the customer and White Glove administration. Yes, you are quite important and very special!

What is a Team Leader?

  • On a cleaning assignment, the team leader is the supervising cleanologist in a team of one or two other cleanologists (sometimes maybe more).

  • The leader does some administrative things such as keeping the Customer Record up to date, and handling payment envelopes.

  • The leader sees that the cleaning assignment is done as instructed, and that a home is made ready before the team departs.

A team leader is the human representative of White Glove that customers deal with most. Our quality of service is pretty much in your hands.

Additional Salary

A team leader initially receives $1 additional for each hour worked. Increases are given and are based on continuous good evaluations.

Driving As a Team Leader

  1. Driving You drive your own vehicle to your team’s scheduled houses.

  2. Magnetic Signs White Glove’s magnetic identification signs must be placed on each side door when you are driving. You are responsible for the signs including their cleanliness and care. Loss and damage fall under White Glove’s damage policy.

  3. Carry Supplies & Equipment You pick up and carry your cleaning supplies and equipment.

  4. Car Pool You have the option of also car pooling with your team members.

  5. Smoking While car-pool driving, you are asked to be considerate and thoughtful and not to smoke or allow others to smoke if any cleanologist does not smoke.

  6. Driving Financial Assistance You are given .35 cents per mile to help your driving expenses if you car pool. You are paid the miles from our office to each house and back to the office even if you do not start or end at the office.

  7. Driver’s License & Insurance You must drive safely following all traffic rules, and have a current, valid driver’s license, and insurance. An up-to-date copy of both your driver’s license and car insurance must be on file with White Glove at all times.

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A team leader must be certified, which involves:

Introduction to Team Leadership Training Manual and Reviews  A candidate must study the manual, which is divided into 3 sections with a review for each section. A score of 100% on each review is required.

Team Leadership Workshop.  At some point upon after successfully completing the manual, a team leader attends a workshop during which leadership roles and responsibilities are discussed and reviewed.

Also Become Your Team's Supply & Equipment Manager 

What does a Supply & Equipment Manager do?


Every team has its own supplies and equipment. Though it is not required, team leaders all serve as their team’s Supply & Equipment Manager. This is what they do:

  • Store Supplies & Equipment for your team. The manager maintains an inventory for supplies and equipment. Sufficient space for safe storage is required.

  • Prepare for each workday. The manager makes sure the kitchen  cart and bathroom bag are well stocked by the morning of each workday, and that equipment is clean and operable.

  • Wash. Cotton cleaning cloths, microfiber cloths and mop pads are periodically washed (1 or 2 times per week) and stocked for use as needed. Also vacuum cleaner filters must be hand rinsed from time to time.

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The kitchen cart and bath bags need to be restocked before the beginning of every workday.

Additional Salary 


A Supply & Equipment Manager receives $65 per pay period (10 workdays) plus an additional $7.00 per day if preparing for another team if the manager is off work. Increases are given and are based on continuous good evaluations.

If supplies and equipment are kept in an organized manner, it should take an average of approximately 15 minutes per day to replenish supplies and clean equipment.


A S&E manager must be certified, which involves:

Basic Supply & Equipment Management training manual and review.  A candidate must study the manual and receive a score of 100% on the review.

Home Inspection.  At some point upon after successfully completing the manual, a manager’s home storage area will be inspected to ensure safe storage. To maintain certification, additional periodic evaluations will be conducted.

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If you accept White Glove’s appointment as either a team leader and/or a supply and equipment manager for your team, please confirm and request access to the certification pages through your personal page.