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Version 2.0
Summer & Fall, 2018
White Glove is always changing for the better.
But this summer and fall it seems a bunch of new ways of doing things are more frequent than usual.
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Some people say we have a good business model. We say, maybe so, but what makes White Glove great is our people. Our continuing success is because of our hard-working staff, and changes this summer and fall, are all about you as we create a White Glove Version 2.0. We’ve listened to you, and to our customers, too.  Take a look…here are what “new and improved” things are happening:

1. Job Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) Already in effect is our updated job Performance Evaluation Program takes effect. Everyone’s work performance will be evaluated as follows:

Cleanologist Term Evaluations  Cleanologists and team leaders will be evaluated on a regular basis, called “terms.” A “term” is the time between evaluations. New hires will be evaluated frequently while the term for others will be every 4 months.

Evaluations are based on observed quality of work in homes (on-site evaluations and home inspections), feedback from customers, feedback from co-workers, and observed interaction with supervisors. Knowledge of and following procedures, teamwork, dependability/absences, personality, and White Glove culture are most important factors.

On-Site Evaluations   On-site evaluations are observations made of cleanologists at work evaluating knowledge of and practice of procedures, cleaning routines, effective use of time, proper use of supplies and equipment, and sequence of modules.

Home Inspections   A home inspection is an evaluation of a home immediately after a team has finished.


2. Employee Status

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Who Does Evaluations? Customer Service Director, Cleanologist Procurement &Training Director, Supply & Equipment Director, and Executive Team Managers, and administrative personnel.

Grievance Procedure To encourage each person to achieve an enjoyable and positive work environment, a Grievance Procedure will soon be available for submission from each cleanologist’s personal page. Cleanologists have the opportunity to bring to the attention of supervisors and administrators co-workers and others who they feel are negatively affecting the quality and reputation of our professional image, customer attitudes, and team morale.

Employees, Not Independent Contractors White Glove is gradually transferring the status of its workers to full employee status. Cleanologists will have taxes deducted from their salary along with other required deductions. You don’t have to worry about filing taxes at the end of each year, and maybe you’ll get a tax refund!

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3. Wage Increase Opportunities

Hourly Salary Increases White Glove’s hourly wage is $12/hour for master cleanologists. This wage is subject to increases based on job performance evaluations, and customer feedback.


Annual Job-Performance Bonus An annual bonus will be given to cleanologists who have exceptional work performance evaluations, attendance, and other factors throughout the year. The amount will increase each year. The amount is tied to the job performance evaluation program (PEP). 

4. White Glove Company Culture

4. White Glove Company Culture

A company's culture means how everyone accomplishes company goals through a common purpose and shared values .

What is a business culture? The word “culture” means the way things are done. Most businesses—at least professional companies—have put the way they do things in writing for all staff members to adopt and live by. When employees work together within the company’s culture, goals are more easily achieved, work is more efficient and of better quality, customers are happier and last longer, and in general a business is more successful.


An official White Glove Culture statement will be announced to all employees, and all staff members will have the opportunity to contribute to it. Here are a few examples:

  • We’re not on time; we’re early. Being early to appointments, meet-ups and other gatherings, is a sign that we respect the person or people who are involved, and their time. It shows that we value the importance of the meeting, and that we take it seriously as a professional person.                                    

  • Our goal is not satisfied customers; it’s enthusiastic customers. If customers or others who we are dealing with are simply “satisfied,” that means we are “ho-hum” average, typical, and just normal. White Glove people strive to stand out among what is mediocre and boringly normal. We do things at a level higher than average, and greater than normal. Our goal is not to meet expectations, but to exceed them in what that produce enthusiastic responses.

5. MBA Program

program leading to taking on greater roles in management and administration of White Glove business operations.  Of course, the program involves instructional meetings, online learning (including videos), and on-the-job training. Participants grow to become executive team managers, assistant district operations managers, and district operations managers. Operations managers have the option of becoming a White Glove business owner and franchisee.

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Management & Business Administration White Glove’s MBA Program will be announced in November. Candidates participate in a step-by-step

But wait. There's more to White Glove's Version 2.0. You'll be hearing more through cleanologist communications, your personal page, and group meetings. Thank you for your part in making the White Glove team the very best in residential house cleaning.