Professional Cleanologist

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                          Pre-Qualifying   STEP #4

Character & Personal Qualifications

Character Qualifications


  • Good "Show Up to Work" Record—Are you dependable showing up to work with only rare absences? And are you on time?

  • Professional  Appearance—Because we enter private homes, a clean and neatly groomed professional appearance is preferred by most customers. Some visible tattoos and body piercings may be unacceptable


  • Outgoing & Friendly Do you have a friendly with a pleasing personality? Do you get along well with customers and coworkers?.

  • Honest and Ethical—Can you pass a thorough background check, and supply references? Honesty and trustworthy are essential traits!

  • Self-Starter—Do you know what needs to be done, and do you do it without having to be asked?


  • Hard working—Do you work with sincere effort, and continuously using your time well until the job is done, and done right?


  • Work On Your Own Responsibly Can you be counted on to fulfill your responsibilities while working alone without a supervisor looking over your shoulder? 


  • A Team Player Can you be counted on to do your part in a team effort, and to make sure the team's goal is reached by whatever it takes?  


Personal Qualifications

  • Dependable CarDependable, well-maintained transportation is essential to drive to meet co-workers, plus you may want to drive as a team leader (with teammates and equipment and supplies). 

  • Working Cell Phone with Dependable Reception.  Immediate communication is very important.


  • Computer/Email Access—Internet from your telephone only is not acceptable. All training is done on our Website as well as on the job. We communicate by email and text as well as telephone. 


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Remember, the most important qualification is being a "yardstick of quality" (Step #1). Do you measure up to these qualifications, too?

Do you meet the qualifications?  "Yes," you say? Great! 

Thank you for pre-qualifying yourself for our position of a

White Glove professional cleanologist, and applying. If you have any questions, please send an email to application@WhiteGloveOnline.com

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