Welcome Message from Rodney Hill, founder and president of White Glove Residential Services, Inc. (Picture: Rodney is the one in the back.)

"Ok,     who feels like being AWESOME?!"

Cleanologist Trainee,
ou'll soon become familiar with White Glove's professional cleaning procedures and skills. Along with good performance evaluations, you'll move from a cleanologist trainee to our second employment level: Certified Cleanologist.

The system we follow to clean a house consists of 8 parts, which we call modules.You can see the various modules in the chart to the left.

   typical team is made up of 2 or 3 cleanologists. In any particular house with a 2-person team, one starts with the kitchen (module #1), and the other starts with the bathrooms (module #2).


The person starting with the kitchen is cleanologist “A,” and the one starting with the bathroom is cleanologist “B.” After completing the kitchen, the “A” cleanologist continues with 4 other modules. The “B” person has 2 additional modules, too, after finishing the bathrooms.

For example, look at the chart on the left. The “A” person’s modules are in blue while the “B” person’s modules are in red.


So, the “A” cleanologist starts with the kitchen then does dust & clean, pre-vacuuming, mopping (steam) and post-vacuuming. (You’ll find out later that pre- and post-vacuuming refer to hard floor vacuuming.)


The “B” cleanologist, after cleaning the bathrooms, moves to vacuuming (carpets) , then mopping (spray).


At the end, both cleanologists share in the last module—departure. See how this system works?

What about a 3-person team?  In a team of 3 cleanologists, "A" starts with the kitchen, "B" starts with bathrooms, and "C" starts with the Dust & Clean module. After that, the team leader assigns the other modules according to who is finished with their modules and what needs to be done.


The Procedural Manual & Reviews...

Our basic procedural manual, which is called How To WOW!, gives procedures for White Glove's high standards of cleaning. Cleanologists should study the procedures and be sure that they are followed in detail. You cn be loaned a copy of the manual to refer to for the first few weeks. You always can see the manual with a link from your personal page.

2020 WOW Cover wBorder.jpg

Here is what to do:

1. Click the section name to open in PDF.

2. Go through each page to read and study


3. When finished, click on the section review,

    and complete the review.

The procedural manual is made up of an Introduction and 8 sections--one section for our 8 modules. You can access the manual sections on this page below.  After studying each section, take a review by clicking the link under the section title.

About the Reviews

Reviews are multiple choice and true/false questions for the introduction and each section. Start with the Introduction and do each section in order. Be sure to read and study each section before taking the review. Reviews must be completed within 2 weeks of starting Basis Training.

Get Paid Up to $125 for 100% Scores


You can earn as much as $125 for getting a score of 100% on the first or second tries on all reviews. Each review has a dollar amount which you will be paid IF you get a score of 100% on the first or second try. The dollar amounts are given on list of sections in the left column.

Reviews are “open book,” which means you can look up the answers as you take the review.

When you finish a review, you will immediately see your score. If it isn’t 100% on your first try, please do the review again for a second time, and try for a 100% score again.

If you don’t get 100% on the second try, just move on to the next section.

Tip: So you will remember the correct answers if you have to take the review a second time, you may want to write down the answer you give for each question. Then, if you have to take the review a second time, you have the answers for the questions you got right.

How You Get Paid

To be paid, all reviews must be completed within 2 weeks after your first training day.  If you earn a dollar amount for getting 100% scores, you will receive this bonus after you have been with White Glove for two :(2) months. This bonus is payable only if you are still working for White Glove, and you have not left White Glove or submitted a 2-week notice to leave your work with us,


Orientation & Training Workshop


On-The-Job Training

Soon you will be assigned to work with a team along with a trainer/coach. 

You will be scheduled to be trained, and you'll work from time to time until you are scheduled for full time. Training begins as you work with a team and a trainer/coach for 3 days. Then you are working independently with a team. The team leader will be available to answer your questions and go over your work. Your trainer will be with you from time to time just to make sure you are doing okay.

Please study the first 3 sections of the procedural manual before your 3 training days. Please go over the sections slowly and thoroughly. We suggest that the most important sections (Kitchen, Bathroom, and Dust & Clean) be done first and doing only one of these sections per day. The other sections are shorter and can be combined with these longer sections as you see fit. If you have time before your 3 training days, you certainly may do study all sections and take the reviews. It is up to you.


But don’t try to do too much too soon. Remember, you want to know the material so you can get paid for getting 100% on each review the first time, or at least the second time.

Cleanologist Policies & Team Talk

Sometime during Basic Training, please go over White Glove's company policies, and the "We All Must Be Connected" Team Talk. Next, please submit the email form to the right.

Note: You cannot be promoted to Certified Cleanologist until you have gone over these 2 documents.

Click on the 2 documents above to open.

Acceptance Email

After reading and understanding the policies, please submit this email form indicating you are fully aware of the policies, and that you have read the Team Talk.

Success! Message received.

Final Basic Training Step: Basic Training On-The-Job Evaluation

The last step in Basic Training is an on-the-job evaluation of your work by your trainer and/or your team leader after your 2 training days. Your evaluator will look for familiarity with procedures, understanding of module sequence, proper cleaning methods, teamwork, and personality characteristics. With a good score, you will immediately move to the next wage level as a certified cleanologist.