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Operated by locals. Hiring locals. Cleaning for North Texas localities  Tarrant, Parker, Hood, and Palo Pinto counties:


E Central Parker County


Springtown & N Parker Co

Lake Worth

Northwest Ft. Worth

Mineral Wells

East Palo Pinto County


& Central Parker Co


& Surrounding Hood Co


Possum Kingdom Lake

& West Palo Pinto County



& Southwest Ft. Worth


White Settlement

& West Ft. Worth


Get You


1. Choose weekly or twice monthly.  2. Call for In-Home-Interview.  3. Enjoy more free time.

Because life is for living.

Don't you deserve more out of life than spending endless hours and weekends cleaning house!


Since 2005 White Glove has raised the bar in residential home cleaning service with emphasis on the science of cleaning: What works best? What’s safe? What protects and enhances durability? We include, too,  the art of cleaning: What contributes to the overall visual appearance of a room? With White Glove, you can expect your home to benot only "Clean as a whistle!" but also "Neat as a pin!"

   Liability Insured,

   Bonded, Licensed 

    Impeccable business

    integrity since 2005.


  2- & 3-Person Teams

         All supplies and

         equipment included

    Dependable, Ethical,

    & Courteous 

    Thoroughly screened,background 

    checked, dedicated, proud, and  trained      employees.


   Upfront, Competitive Costs

    No vague estimates that allow later

    hidden, unauthorized, and surprise

    charges. No contracts.

Who said                         Who Said

Who said house cleaning doesn't

require skilled professionals?

Just ask the homeowners whose hardwood floors were destroyed with pure bleach. Or ask those whose granite counters and composite sinks were ruined over time with harmful methods and damaging cleaning agents.

Did you know, too, that even common dust rags and dusters don’t remove dust well, and can cause tiny scratches that cause shiny wood to dull? White Glove knows this, and lots more about proper cleaning agents, equipment, and methods to not only clean your home, but to keep your furnishings looking their very best for years to come!